Terraform - Beginner Pitfalls

After a rocky start, Terraform has become a great success story where I am. We've got both infrastructure and development teams using it, sharing both learnings and resources such as modules and code. A consequence of that is I spent quite a lot of my time helping people get started »

The Definition of Done Dashboard

I've been working on an infrastructure-heavy project of late, and one of the problems our team faced was differing viewpoints on what "done" actually means. In short, we ended up with a lot of variations of the following conversation: "It's done, I finished it." "But... I still see an error »

Cloud, PaaS, solution size and lock-in

I have a bit of a counter-intuitive opinion on cloud services and the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) world. For me, something like AWS isn't about "big". Yes, I know plenty of companies use elastic scaling to run huge, demand-based infrastructures along the Netflix model. But for rest of us, we're not building »

Where is my NuGet API Key?

This turns out to be one of the Great Secrets of the Internet, and I wasted around half an hour scanning documentation, Googling various permutations of "NuGet API Key" and "How to find NuGet API Key" before finally finding Phil Haack's page here: http://haacked.com/archive/2011/01/12/ »

Load Balancing and Health Checks

It's pretty common to want to load balance a web application across multiple nodes. The canonical implementation looks something like this: Traffic comes in from the public Internet to the load balancer, which then distributes it amongst the available application servers. There are various tricks you can employ on top »