Too much in flight

In a Scrum context, multitasking is bad. Teams who follow Kanban will be familiar with this concept, as that process invites you to explicitly set your lane limits up front - only 3 things in progress, only 2 things awaiting product owner review, only 7 tickets waiting for release, and »

The Backlog

I had one of those "changing the way we work" discussions today, about the product backlog. I'll spare you the details, but it came down to answering two questions: How many of the stories we know about should we have on the product backlog? How many of the stories do »

Kaizen and Scrum

Kaizen, the process of "improvement" in the Toyota Production System, is a valuable complement to Scrum, based on many of the same principles. It means teams can get effective results both from their retrospectives and daily attempts to resolve waste. At the core is a variant of the PDCA loop »


What's the difference between a merely good Scrum organisation and a great one? The answer is waste. Waste in a Scrum context is loosely defined as any activity which does not result in something the customer uses. At its most obvious we're talking things like TPS reports and bikeshedding, but »

Be careful with "Modern Agile".

I have a problem with a lot of the recent advice suggesting firms looking to adopt agile practices should eschew the stand-ups, estimations and fixed iterations of Scrum. Which is strange as a lot of that advice is coming from respected, experienced Scrum practitioners. However, I think what's happening is »