The Backlog

I had one of those "changing the way we work" discussions today, about the product backlog. I'll spare you the details, but it came down to answering two questions: How many of the stories we know about should we have on the product backlog? How many of the stories do »

Why tasking matters

Something I perhaps neglected in my talk about breaking down user stories into tasks is why you'd want to do that. Let me illustrate by analogy. When you're hiking, there's a question you're continually asking: "where am I in relation to where I should be?" The more often you can »

Breaking down user stories

A user story is a short, simple description of a piece of functionality, as told from the perspective of a customer. It's intended to form the basis for a discussion about how to provide business value, and it should be relevant to the customer. "I want to be able to »

Painting by numbers

I'm a real fan of estimating things by doing relative sizing with planning poker cards. The cards mean everyone gets a say, the Fibonacci-like number sequence of the deck avoids getting bogged down in differentiating between tiny graduations in task complexity, and the relative nature of the sizing… ...well, that »