I'm Matt Kimber. I've been messing with code since I got bored of the games that came with our new 286 and started wondering if I could write my own.

Within about six months of starting work as a coder I got frustrated with how my team was managed and where its priorities came from, so I started wondering if I could fix that too (or failing that, at least work with people who had their head screwed on in relation to such things).

In 2015 I realised people were actually listening to me when I talked about this stuff, so I started writing some of those conversations down in the hope others could learn from them. I haven't stopped since.

I live in East London and spend most of my free time either playing guitar, hiking, or falling off my mountain bike. For more about stuff that I've done, I maintain the inevitable LinkedIn profile here: www.linkedin.com/in/mattjkimber