The state of TDD

The state of test-driven development across our industry is terrible. This may seem a rather brazen statement, given pretty much everybody and their dog is writing tests somewhere vaguely around the same point as they write code, and you don't have to scroll far down this blog to find an »

Strict pattern adherence considered harmful

Overly strict TDD and SOLID are this generation's factory pattern and XML. If you don't know what I mean by that, open a piece of "enterprise grade" code from the early 2000s (you do have a stash of that kicking around, right?) That boilerplate-laden J2EE or .net 1.0 code »

How I Code

One of the things I like about the way the tech industry has changed since I cut my first production code is that even the senior guys and girls are expected to be able to roll up their sleeves and hack some code every once in a while. I don't »

Bob Ross on software development

I'd really encourage anyone new to software development leadership or mentoring to watch Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting. That patient, calm and above all encouraging style while demonstrating great technical skill is exactly what I like to see in tech leads. It's inclusive; the attitude is that anyone »