Be careful with "Modern Agile".

I have a problem with a lot of the recent advice suggesting firms looking to adopt agile practices should eschew the stand-ups, estimations and fixed iterations of Scrum. Which is strange as a lot of that advice is coming from respected, experienced Scrum practitioners. However, I think what's happening is »

Breaking down user stories

A user story is a short, simple description of a piece of functionality, as told from the perspective of a customer. It's intended to form the basis for a discussion about how to provide business value, and it should be relevant to the customer. "I want to be able to »

Avoiding nightmare releases

Something I've seen a lot of supposedly Agile teams fail with is releases at the end of a project. Everything up to that point ticks along nicely, but the final sprint is a monstrous combination of time extensions, shifting scope, last-minute changes and unexpected problems. I've seen all sorts of »

That's Not Agile

For every 10 companies claiming to have an agile development environment, maybe 1 actually does. This is because "Agile" sounds a lot better than "horrible collection of organisational code smells we've accumulated by having no real process". Here are some things that are emphatically not agile development: Jumping straight into »